I use my journalism experience to help you effectively use social media and public relations to build your business. 

Whether you want to broadcast your own information or navigate a newsroom to get your story to the editors and journalists that cover your industry or cause.

Putting PR in practice

Sometimes it’s a press release, sometimes it’s photo or video support, sometimes it’s a press conference or a site tour. Despite the growth of social media, mass media outlets are still an important, and cost-effective, piece of the puzzle by telling your story through a third party.

Social media to secure your status

While the point of entry is as simple as having a smartphone and an email address, it still takes an investment in skilled writing and visual creation to make the appropriate social media channels an effective tool in your marketing efforts. I utilize my broadcast journalism experience and newsroom mindset to create, curate and engage an audience on social media so they are getting the kind of worthwhile information, or entertainment, they would come to expect from an organization they invest their time in following.


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Being more social for AAF Buffalo

I used my experience as the social media manager for AAF Buffalo (formerly Advertising Club of Buffalo) for over two years. My goal was to gain more visibility and engagement on social media for growth in membership, event attendance, and awareness of learning opportunities and charitable endeavors.

Through a focused effort to share industry-related articles, event information, local marketing job opportunities and blog posts I helped increase the club’s social media presence organically across various channels:

[data between September 2014- March 2017]

During that time AAF Buffalo’s social media presence was responsible for 17% of web referrals to aafbuffalo.com


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