I’m passionate about visual storytelling and I use my experience in broadcasting and photojournalism to tell your story.

Visual Storytelling

Dan Nesselbush photography

In a digital world your reputation precedes you with a few simple taps of a finger. Visual storytelling can be the difference maker for your business when you’re up against a nearly identical product or service provider. The quality of your photo and video content conveys the level of care and professionalism a customer can expect from your company before they even consider contacting you. High-resolution images with good lighting and composition are key to telling your story and standing out.



Adding motion and sound to your images with a video can be even more effective as you deliver the visuals and voices that make your business what it is. With advances in technology and decreases in price point; every business is now capable of using video to reach its customers without necessarily having to absorb the high cost of a large production crew. My experience as a videographer and producer working for a small production company and broadcast news station provides the ability to build your business with video projects that inform and entertain your customers.



“During Daniel’s tenure at WKBW-TV he worked as a competent, energetic, and creative sports television producer. Dan was able to handle many technical and production tasks at once, and had a strong work ethic, working well with his co-workers. I would recommend Daniel for any media project.”

John DiSciullo Executive Director of Production and Promotion at WBBZ-TV

Some great marketing uses for video include:

  • Brand Storytelling – tell the history of your company, explain what you do, introduce your key staff members, and facility tours
  • Content Marketing – tell how your product is made (without giving away grandma’s recipe), instructional videos, case studies, and client testimonials
  • Public Relations – cover your event like a news station would with great b-roll and interviews, report presentations that allow stakeholders the ability to tell the story in the right context and tone

Some photo-worthy opportunities to enhance your reputation include:

  • Action shots of company events like a grand opening, training session, workshop, open house, corporate meeting, or trade show.
  • Product and service images for digital and traditional marketing materials on websites, social media accounts, brochures, case studies.
  • Documentary photos that show your organization’s culture, milestone events, and community engagement.
  • Portraits of executives and staff members

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