I’m a doer, and to be a doer you need to know how to do things. I never stop learning. I’m an active member of AAF Buffalo (formerly Advertising Club of Buffalo) and liked it so much that I joined the board of directors in 2014 (following an unsuccessful campaign to join the board the previous year). After a year on the board, I liked it so much that I joined the club’s four-person executive board.

Since 2014 I’ve helped plan programming for AAF Buffalo to include guest speakers from other markets, panels of local professionals, networking nights, and hands-on workshops to provide professional development opportunities for marketing communications professionals across Western New York.

While some people binge-watch their Netflix queue, I try to soak up as much knowledge as possible. These are some of the events I have attended in an effort to stay on top of the latest topics and trends in marketing communications:


Art School Confessional November 2017

Disrupting the Big Game October 2017

Nightmare Marketing: How to Create Great Content for “Boring,” Complex and Undifferentiated Products May 2017

Design for Sports with Todd Radom April 2017

Marketing Your Customers Want: The Alchemy of Content Marketing October 2016

Skillshop: Public Relations 101 January 2017

Marketing Your Customers Want: The Alchemy of Content Marketing October 2016

Hold Fast: Managing Design Teams When Sh!t Hits the Fan December 2016

Marketing Your Customers Want: The Alchemy of Content Marketing October 2016

Skillshop: Video Production September 2016

AdLab Skillshop: Digital Advertising May 2016

People Are The New Channel  April 2016

AdLab Skillshop: WordPress  November 2015

Power Your Pitch: The Tricks of Public Speaking  November 2015

Inside the World’s Best Ad Agency (according to Google)  October 2015

Branding the Bulls: Marketing Collegiate Athletics with Danny White  October 2015

The Shift: What To Do When You Don’t Have It All Figured Out  September 2015

Bring Home the Bling: The Process Behind Award-Winning Creative  April 2015

Humor in Advertising: The Difference Between “ha.” and “HAHAHAHA”  March 2015

Radio, Internet, TV…Oh My! Media Buying 101  November 2014

Beer & Buffalo: How Brewers Big and Small Advertise, Market and Sell Their Suds  October 2014

1st and 140: Brand Management and PR in the Social Media Age  September 2014

Social Media Marketing Beyond Facebook and Twitter  April 2014

Free Beer & Flying Machines: Inside Experiential Marketing  March 2014

Buffalo And Beyond: Is A Bigger Market Always Better?  November 2013

Get Smart: Uncover the True Value of Market Research  October 2013

Budgeting for Photography: What You Need to Know  May 2013

Social Media Part III: Why Content Marketing Matters  April 2013

Tight Budget? Earn Your Media  March 2013

Evaluating Creative: It’s About the Idea  February 2013

BYOB: Being Your Own Brand  November 2012

It’s Time to Get Digital – Keep Up or Fall Behind  October 2012

Real World Copyright with Jim Cavanaugh  October 2012

Advertising, PR and Marketing: What’s the Difference?  September 2012

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